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Photo Essay: Moments To Reflect Upon from Holy Week at NPH Peru
Apr. 14
Even though the Casa Santa Rosa home is in lock-down due to COVID-19, Holy Week proved to be a productive week for our children, staff, and volunteers.
Volunteers Lift Spirits of NPH Peru Under Quarantine
Mar. 31
In the face of COVID-19 and national quarantine, one U.S. volunteer chooses to stay in Peru to support the children and caregivers of Casa Santa Rosa.
Year in Review: Change Brings Renewal to NPH Peru in 2019
Feb. 6
From sustainability projects in agriculture to education programs that support parents in the community plus a new National Director, 2019 was an exciting year for NPH Peru.
The Flavor of Peruvian Christmas: Savory Roasted Turkey
Dec. 12
Peru borrows a custom from the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, but with a Latin American twist.
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From Hardship to Happiness at Christmas Time
Dec. 13
Before coming to NPH, Christmas was a time of hardship for one young adult. Now, she helps others feel an abundance of love and caring at NPH Peru.
Rosa and Ricarda: From Poverty to Progress
Oct. 9
NPH Peru watches on with pride as two of its newest family members continue to develop after a difficult start to life.
Giving Back and Gaining Experience
Apr. 9
During summer vacation, our young adults work ‘support hours,’ offering their time and talents to help in several areas of our NPH home. This year one of our young men offered his help in our garden and farm.
A Life of Luz
Mar. 12
A young sister finds acceptance and recognition in a job well done.
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