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Interdisciplinary Care for Children with Special Needs
Apr. 9
Multifaceted support helps NPH Peru successfully support children with special needs in our home.
Local University Provides Dental Care for NPH Peru
Mar. 17
Thank you to the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences dental program for giving our children dental examinations!
Family Visit Day at NPH Peru
Mar. 15
A special day that merges NPH families and biological families for our children at NPH Peru.
Renowned Physician and Writer Emilio La Rosa Visits NPH
Jan. 11
Dr. Emilio La Rosa traveled from his home in France to speak to NPH Peru about happiness and resilience.
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Annual Report 2018


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Godparents Needed

Giving Back and Gaining Experience
Apr. 9
During summer vacation, our young adults work ‘support hours,’ offering their time and talents to help in several areas of our NPH home. This year one of our young men offered his help in our garden and farm.
A Life of Luz
Mar. 12
A young sister finds acceptance and recognition in a job well done.
Indigenous Roots Not Forgotten
Feb. 27
The Story of Mariano
My 3 Top Moments of 2018
Jan. 2
Isidro counts down his three best moments of 2018 at NPH Perú.
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Our Impact in 2018

  3,090 supported children
  310 new arrivals
  42 university graduates
  308 high school graduates
  88 full time volunteers
  545 Holy Sacraments
  114,566 services provided through community programs


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Support and Empower our Girls
Dec. 31
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