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NPH Peru Grateful to Banco de Alimentos del Perú for the Continued Support
Dec. 8
Banco de Alimentos del Perú, together with different organizations and associated companies, continues to provide multiple donations for the benefit of the children of NPH Peru.
Our Voices: Elvis from NPH Peru
Nov. 16
Elvis was the first child at NPH Peru. In the letter series, "Our Voices," he recounts some valuable memories of the beginning of NPH in Peru and how the pandemic changed his plans in the final part of his studies.
Our Voices: Renée from NPH Peru
Nov. 5
Renée* arrived at NPH Peru just over a year ago. In the series of letters, "Our Voices", she tells us about her days at Casa Santa Rosa, how she feels during the pandemic and her dreams for the future.
Photo Essay: Moments To Reflect Upon from Holy Week at NPH Peru
Apr. 14
Even though the Casa Santa Rosa home is in lock-down due to COVID-19, Holy Week proved to be a productive week for our children, staff, and volunteers.
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Education is No Longer Elusive
Nov. 3
Mauro could not go to school from the age of seven. Instead, he had to sing in the streets and restaurants to feed his sisters. Now the four of them are part of NPH Peru, education no longer eludes them.
From Hardship to Happiness at Christmas Time
Dec. 13
Before coming to NPH, Christmas was a time of hardship for one young adult. Now, she helps others feel an abundance of love and caring at NPH Peru.
Rosa and Ricarda: From Poverty to Progress
Oct. 9
NPH Peru watches on with pride as two of its newest family members continue to develop after a difficult start to life.
Giving Back and Gaining Experience
Apr. 9
During summer vacation, our young adults work ‘support hours,’ offering their time and talents to help in several areas of our NPH home. This year one of our young men offered his help in our garden and farm.
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  3,308 supported children
  166 new arrivals
  51 university graduates
  326 high school graduates
  59 full time volunteers
  512 Holy Sacraments
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