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Pallares: Delicious and Nutritive Food
Jun. 22
Zero hunger with sustainable practices.
NPH Peru Celebrates Godparents' Day
Jun. 2
Our NPH Peru Family had a day of games and treats in honor of the godparents around the world who support us.
"I Was Hungry ..." - NPH Peru Helping Our Community
May 29
NPH Peru remembers giving aid to the community following the "El Niño" flooding a year earlier.
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NPH Community Programs
Our NPH Family Responds - our community programs continue to provide over 100,000 services yearly. At NPH we implement the best care practices and customize our services to meet the needs of the communities where we live and serve.


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Godparents Needed

Meet NPH Peru's First Female University Graduate!
May 9
"My biggest dream comes true!"
"NPH is a Miracle and a Light that Illuminates the Path of People"
May 4
A young man with NPH Peru reflects on his gratefulness for NPH's support over his life.
"God Gives Me The Strength to Keep Going"
Apr. 2
Luz Milagros shares her faith in God.
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Our Impact in 2017

  3,159 supported children
  112 new arrivals
  43 university graduates
  185 high school graduates
  94 full time volunteers
  324 Holy Sacraments
  143,270 services provided through community programs


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