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Dec. 8
NPH Peru Grateful to Banco de Alimentos del Perú for the Continued Support
Banco de Alimentos del Perú, together with different organizations and associated companies, continues to provide multiple donations for the benefit of the children of NPH Peru.
Nov. 16
Our Voices: Elvis from NPH Peru
Elvis was the first child at NPH Peru. In the letter series, "Our Voices," he recounts some valuable memories of the beginning of NPH in Peru and how the pandemic changed his plans in the final part of his studies.
Nov. 5
Our Voices: Renée from NPH Peru
Renée* arrived at NPH Peru just over a year ago. In the series of letters, "Our Voices", she tells us about her days at Casa Santa Rosa, how she feels during the pandemic and her dreams for the future.
Apr. 14
Photo Essay: Moments To Reflect Upon from Holy Week at NPH Peru
Even though the Casa Santa Rosa home is in lock-down due to COVID-19, Holy Week proved to be a productive week for our children, staff, and volunteers.
Mar. 31
Volunteers Lift Spirits of NPH Peru Under Quarantine
In the face of COVID-19 and national quarantine, one U.S. volunteer chooses to stay in Peru to support the children and caregivers of Casa Santa Rosa.
Feb. 6
Year in Review: Change Brings Renewal to NPH Peru in 2019
From sustainability projects in agriculture to education programs that support parents in the community plus a new National Director, 2019 was an exciting year for NPH Peru.
Dec. 12
The Flavor of Peruvian Christmas: Savory Roasted Turkey
Peru borrows a custom from the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, but with a Latin American twist.
Oct. 10
Express Yourself with Art
NPH Peru welcomed Expresarte to Casa Santa Rosa; a team focused on socio-emotional development through expressive arts.
Sep. 20
Small steps on the way to better oral health: UPC Dental Days
For one week, 30 students from UPC School of Dentistry attended to all our children.

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