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Jun. 2
NPH Peru Celebrates Godparents' Day
Our NPH Peru Family had a day of games and treats in honor of the godparents around the world who support us.
May 29
"I Was Hungry ..." - NPH Peru Helping Our Community
NPH Peru remembers giving aid to the community following the "El Niño" flooding a year earlier.
Apr. 11
Making Our Children's Smiles Last Long
A new dental check-up program helps protect our children from losing their teeth.
Apr. 10
Holy Week at NPH Peru
A week of activities to remember Christ's great sacrifice for all humanity.
Mar. 26
Summer Vacation at NPH Peru
Entertaining activities kept our children busy during the school break.
Mar. 20
This Summer Vacation with the Most Exciting Rhythm!
Life is more beautiful with music.
Mar. 5
All United by Hope and Faith - Pope Francis Visits Peru
Thank you, Pope Francis, for your visit.
Dec. 28
A Tour Through Time
The Top 10 moments of 2017 for our NPH Peru family show how challenges can be a great learning experience for everyone.
Dec. 18
13 Years of Dreaming Together
Celebrating their XIII anniversary with games, food and fun!

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