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The Silent but Very Strong Type

After dancing for four years, it is evident that this has been a favorite activity for Magaly.
November 3, 2016 - Mexico

Magaly with her brother Ramiro

Magaly is nineteen years old. She comes from the Mexican state of Guerrero, which is where she grew up in the mountains and swimming in the rivers. Along with her brother, Ramiro, she came to NPH in Cuernavaca, Mexico in September 2013. Their father passed away when Magaly was two. Their mother later abandoned them while they were both still very young. Their aunt and grandmother were no longer able to take care of them and brought them to NPH.

Her time at NPH Mexico has been, “bien,” she says. Magaly is a young woman of very, very few words. What she lacks in having more of a verbal voice, she makes up in mind and body.

She really likes going to school. She loves to dance and enjoys running and playing basketball. She has one more year left of high school. Her favorite subject is a special mixed course of first aid, pedagogy and psychological development.

“I just like it,” she says in Spanish.

She has her sights set on studying criminology in university. She is not sure which path she will take, but says the field has caught her attention as investigations intrigue her. Before she heads off to university she must do her two “years of service.” This is an NPH after-high-school program in which the pequeños give back their time and service to the home they grew up in. Those who go on to university provide two years of service, and those who do not only one. They act as caregivers to young pequeños, or join the staff team in the kitchens, on the farm, or as administrative offices.

Magaly wants to be a caregiver during her years of service, watching over the pre-teen girls. She enjoys taking care of toddlers most. Last semester at school, one of the courses involved childcare and every Thursday the students spent half the day at a local kindergarten.

What did Magaly like most? “Jugar con los niños!” – playing with the children!

By far Magaly's favorite activity at the home is dance. She has been a member of NPH Mexico's folk dance troupe for the past two years. The group performs at many of the big celebrations held at Cuernavaca's city center such as the Day of the Dead, Mother's Day, Teacher’s Day, and more. They travel to nearby towns to perform as well.

Magaly's favorite folk dance is “Bailes Jalisco,” which is a traditional dance from the Mexican state of Jalisco. She likes it because it uses a lot of fancy foot work. Magaly was fifteen years old when she started folk dancing and has enjoyed it ever since. She wants to continue with dance in university as well, but it would be more for fun.

“Me gusta bailar,” she likes to dance she says in Spanish with a huge smile on her face.

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