Friends Forever

Little twins, big antics!
November 8, 2017 - Peru

Best friends forever

It is said that brothers are our friends we do not choose, and that twin brothers have a special connection. This special connection is demonstrated by Merlin* and Kervens*, six-year-old twins in our home.

They arrived at NPH Peru when they were two years old, along with their older siblings Marino* and Mayra*. They came to NPH because they were not receiving the care they needed as young, growing boys. Although they were born healthy, after not receiving adequate attention they presented symptoms of low weight, developmental delay and language problems.

These health issues have been overcome thanks to the NPH family: the care of the “tíos” (NPH caregivers), the professional support of the medical team, occupational and speech therapists and psychologists. Their dedicated attention has helped Merlin and Kervens become healthy despite their setbacks.

As we walk around our home, they immediately see the playground and do not hesitate to run towards it. They run so fast, and suddenly Merlin shouts anxiously: "Kervens, get down from there this minute." Kervens likes to climb trees. They continue running, now towards the swings; they love to feel how high they can swing, and now to their delight they are going back and forth, up and down. There is no doubt that they have a lot of energy!

With a difference of four minutes in their time of birth, Merlin is the older twin and is protective; he is very aware of everything Kervens does. They are active inside and outside their house, and at the same time they both are incredibly affectionate and have a close relationship with each other.

It is getting colder and is time to return home. They are excited to share what they colored in class: dragons. Merlin says he likes doing his homework, drawing dragons and cats; and Kervens loves swings and eating blueberries. He also says that he wants to "be a superhero to fly, to kill the bad guys and save the world."

They also remembered last Christmas, when they all went to the dining room and met Santa Claus, who brought them gifts and lots of fruit. "I liked the strawberries!" exclaims Merlin; Kervens suddenly shouts, "I got a plane!" This Christmas, they say they both want a phone to "call my godparents and talk to them."

We know that the bond of blood makes us relatives, but love makes us family. With all their pranks, their antics, their dreams, these little twins today are part of the great family of NPH Peru.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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