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The Top 10 moments of 2017 for our NPH Peru family show how challenges can be a great learning experience for everyone.
December 28, 2017 - Peru

Visit from our Canadian friends.

2017 has been a year full of achievements and challenges for both NPH Peru and also for the country at large. We began the year with natural disasters that affected a large part of the population, and we are ended it sharing a feeling of hope to qualify for a spot in the next FIFA World Cup after many years. Different changes occurred in the political, economic and social context of the country. As always, the most vulnerable people were impacted - in many cases, children. Following a busy year like this, we want to share our top moments of 2017 in the NPH Peru family.

1. Visit from our Canadian friends:

In January and February, NPH Peru was visited by a group of Canadian volunteers called "Friends of the Orphans Canada" (FOTOCAN), who made a valuable contribution to our home: They repaired the playground, helped with the construction of wooden modules for therapies, and donated reusable laptops for university students. They also shared days of fun with the little ones, strengthening their international friendships and creating unforgettable moments.

2. Arrival of new volunteers:

In February, we welcomed new international volunteers, Sara and Marion from Germany, who are specialists in language and learning therapy; and Rachel, who came from Netherlands. Rachel is the first art therapist at NPH Peru. Undoubtedly, we are very grateful to them, because their work is very important in transforming the lives of our children.

3. Celebration of Holy Week:

Filled with spirituality and religious fervor, children and caregivers celebrated Holy Week by making the beautiful, traditional "alfombras": Art made from a mixture of sawdust, water, and dye. Also, children performed The Living Stations of the Cross, doing an amazing job by making their own costumes. Finally, volunteers and caregivers painted eggs that contained special prizes for an Easter egg hunt. The celebration concluded with an Easter Mass at the church.

4. Humanitarian aid in Carapongo:

This year Peru was affected by torrential rains and mudslides in several areas of the country. Thanks to the collaboration of our friends from the United States, Germany, Italy and the support of the NPH Peru staff, more than 50 families were aided with appliances, non-perishable food, hygiene items, clothing and other supplies to face this difficult situation. They also received medical care.

5. Graduation of university students:

In March, we attended the graduation ceremony of two of our youths. They graduated with bachelor's degree in Accounting, and we are very proud of them and their achievements!

6. Godparents' Day:

In May, a very special celebration was held with activities, a series of funny games, and delicious food as a tribute to the godparents who are a very important part of our children's lives. Thanks to their unconditional support and love, our children have received a good quality of life during these years.

7. Sweet 15 and 18 birthday celebration:

In June, four girls and two boys turned 15 and 18 respectively. In Latin America, this is an important event, and a joint effort of caregivers and volunteers made the celebration unforgettable for everyone.

8. Medical campaign:

In September, we received a visit from the medical and nursing students of the Bio-Medical University of Rome, who carried out a medical campaign that benefited our children with medical services such as electrocardiogram and abdominal ultrasound. In addition, cooks and kitchen staff received a training on good nutrition.

9.Improvement of our home facilities:

In September and October, improvements were made to our home. The kindergarten house will have a new stimulation area; the administrative center will have two new offices: A new space for therapy and another larger office for a reception area or auditorium.

10.Children returned to class:

This year, teachers across the country held a two-month strike to demand an increase in salaries from the government. While our children used this time for a range of activities across the home, all were happy to return to their classes when it finished.

This is just a quick tour through some important events that marked our 2017. At NPH Peru, we have the deep conviction of making a world in which children learn and transform their lives, our community and the world. All days are not alike here, miracles happen every day. With a smile of a child, and thanks to the support of generous godparents, we all together make a great effort to help our children make their dreams come true. Next year will bring new challenges, but everything will be possible to achieve with love, creativity and care.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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