I am a Leader

An interview with a leadership student.
February 10, 2017 - Peru

Painting a mural at the home.

Introduce yourself and tell me about the leadership group, Grupo Juvenil and why you wanted to participate.

“Hi, my name is Dina* and I am fifteen years old. Grupo Juvenil is a group of youth with the objective that the boys and girls learn how to be leaders, as well as learn how to go forward facing the obstacles that are presented to us every day. I wanted to participate so I could cooperate in the teaching of the pillars of Father Wasson. Also, to help with what we are missing and make it better, for example organize workshops with the other children and teach it to our brothers and sisters.”

Do you think you are a leader for the younger girls and boys in the home?

“Yes, because I like to motivate them to achieve something. I like to help with what they need and give good advice to face their problems.”

What are some challenges that you may face after NPH?

“When I leave NPH, I will face challenges such as making decisions and always being aware of my well-being. I will develop my skills, and I will always have the willingness to serve. I know that I will make mistakes, but because of them I will have the experience to overcome the obstacles that I will have."

What do you hope for the girls in Casa Guadalupe and Casa Teresita?

“That they represent women as fighters and that they get better every day. I also hope that they have a career someday, and that they achieve their dreams. Finally, that their lives are full of happiness."

What would you like to do after graduating secondary school?

“I want to follow my dreams, my projects, and my goals. I want to study accounting because I like numbers, and I am really good at it. I always focus on my studies so that I can be someone to be proud of, and show to others that I am a person who can change the world for the better.”

Why are girls powerful?

“We have a special gift from God. We are very sincere, very caring, very responsible, and unique."

Anna Hester   
Communication Officer




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