Helping Families Recover From Natural Disaster

Molto grazie Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia for your support!
October 23, 2017 - Peru

Carapongo, the area hit by the flood

Helping and sharing are values we practice at NPH. Earlier this year, some areas of Lima were badly impacted by the flooding of the Rimac River as a result of El Niño phenomenon, including the Carapongo area, the place that we visited for the second time, to provide help to the most affected people who lost everything.

Fallen trees, destroyed houses and dirt-covered streets are part of the current scenario of Carapongo, an urban area of the district of Lurigancho-Chosica located in Lima. Several months have passed since that natural disaster left many families in need of help: their homes were lost or damaged, and currently they are still living in tents. Although the authorities have provided them community assistance, it has not been enough since there is still much to be done.

In March, NPH Peru was present in the area bringing help to several affected families, thanks to the support of our friends from the United States and Germany. On September 26th, once again, thanks to the valuable donation from Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia, six more families received non-perishable food, water, school backpacks for children and furniture such as mattress, covers, tables, chairs, stoves, rice cookers, blenders, refrigerators, cleaning and personal hygiene items, baby diapers, bed blankets, children's clothing and other more supplies.

"I was suffering from severe back pain. This pillow and mattress will help me sleep better, calm my pain and have sweet dreams", said one of the ladies who received this great support.

From early in the morning, NPH Peru staff went to the area in order to provide humanitarian aid and service to the affected community, delivering this significant donation on behalf of our friends from Italy. These six families expressed their satisfaction and gratitude at all times.

The force of nature can tear down the strongest walls, but united hearts, small actions and goodwill can make great changes in the world. As Father Wasson taught us, serving others is part of our philosophy. NPH Peru encourages these values among our children and youth to contribute to the development of our country.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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