The teachers' strike is over!

Our NPH youth are now back to school.
September 28, 2017 - Peru

Feria San Vicente de Cañete 2017

Since June 15th, classrooms in many public schools in Peru have been empty; teachers from different regions of the country affiliated to the Sindicato Unitario de Trabajadores en la Educación del Perú (SUTEP) started a strike against the government demanding an increase in their wages. Fortunately for our children, this recently came to an end!

It became a great challenge because children were missing out on their right to an education, and the continuity of the school year was disrupted. Unlike the other NPH homes, NPH Peru does not have its own school, so children attend public schools near our home. The strike directly affected our children and they stopped attending school for more than two months.

They also had alot of "free time" while the government and teachers reached an agreement. However, thanks to the constant support and care of the ‘tíos’ and ‘tías’ (NPH caregivers), who are always looking out for the well-being of our children, those days of forced vacations were occupied with intellectual activities such as reading, communication, and mathematics. Time was also taken to conduct more learning therapy sessions for those children who have difficulties, as well as to continue with the preparation of letters for their godparents for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

To vary the routine one weekend, tíos and our NPH youth attended the Fair of San Vicente de Cañete 2017. They had an entertaining afternoon: going on all the rides, enjoying sweets and sharing many laughs and much joy!

The care and health of our children are a high priority, and the free time was also filled with a visit from the medicine and nursing students from the Campus Bio-Medical University of Rome, Italy. They carried out a medical campaign and offered electrocardiograms and abdominal ultrasounds. Tía Giovana, the nurse of NPH Peru, supervised this activity and made sure that plenty of play materials were shared with our children as they were waiting.

Although the strike has thankfully ended, the Ministry of Education promised that the children that they will not lose the school year. They will recover their classes with attending school on off hours, also on Saturdays and holidays during December, most likely until January.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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