Educating Leadership to Break the Cycle of Poverty

NPH goes beyond the traditional education and provides international youth development programs to help form our children into strong leaders.
September 12, 2018 - Peru

"I will be eternally grateful to NPH!"

Father Wasson's dream was that his children could break the cycle of poverty through having a quality education. For more than 60 years, thousands of children in nine countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have been benefited through receiving a comprehensive education, giving them the opportunity to develop their potential and form a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

NPH guarantees that children receive their fundamental right to education. One such child is Rafael Llamoga, who finished his university studies in International Business and Administration a few months ago, and soon will attend the NPH Leadership Program in Seattle, USA. He will be the first NPH Peru youth to participate in this program.

Alongside of his education at NPH Peru, ‘Rafa’ has also participated in two NPH leadership conferences – where older youths from all NPH homes gather to discuss and form leadership skills, and meet fellow NPH ‘pequeños’ from other countries. The most recent was held in El Salvador, where he had the opportunity to meet his brothers and sisters from the other homes and share many experiences during the week. The theme of the conference was "Who am I?," in which all the participants answered questions related to their personal role in different aspects of their lives, in their community and as leaders.

For Rafa, this was an experience that enriched his way of seeing things. Now more than ever, he recognizes how much he thinks about his future. "I have many dreams. One of them is to incorporate sustainability projects for NPH Peru. In addition, I want to continue contributing in my role as “hermano mayor” (former NPH youths who stay connected to NPH as adults) with the children, taking care of them and sharing my experiences, giving them the advice that I received at some point of my life and helped me to be a better person.”

Rafael wants to be a leader and be at the loving service of others, always. After participating in the Seattle Institute Program, he wants to keep in touch with NPH, since "I am very grateful to NPH for all that I am now. Staying away from NPH is impossible, because NPH is my family, and as a family, we will always be strongly united."

As he recalls, the application process for this Seattle Leadership Program was exciting: "First, the application form was completed and sent. Then we had an interview with the program coordinator. After that, they asked me to choose three people to write a recommendation letter; I chose NPH Peru’s National Directors and the House Coordinator. I passed all the tests, and finally I received an email in which they told me I was selected. I am very happy because I know that this experience will completely change my life."

He also remembers that NPH helped him prepare for the application process. "On my last trip to the leadership workshop, I asked Jacqueline (the program coordinator) and other older brothers who participated in this program before about their experiences, and they gave me lots of good advice. I keep in mind their recommendations."

With this program, Rafael wants to strengthen his skills as a leader. And he already has concrete goals to focus in on. "I want to know myself better, make my skills stronger and learn to manage my weaknesses. To continue on the path of leadership and benefit my family."

At NPH Peru we always try to continue with Father Wasson's legacy by providing education, food, health and a home full of love where our children are formed as future leaders, allowing them to live with dignity and breaking the circle of inequality, in order to contribute to the development of their lives, their community and their country.

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer




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