NPH Family Visit Day

What happens on an NPH Family Visit Day?
December 20, 2018 - Peru

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Maintaining contact with parents, siblings, and friends is very important to children. At NPH, we have many children under our care who still have living relatives. A variety of hardships can keep family members from being able to provide a healthy upbringing for a child or to ensure basic necessities like food and access to education. When local governments request NPH’s assistance in caring for these children, we make sure to do everything we can to keep these families connected to one another, always considering the child’s best interest.

Every Sunday at NPH Peru, in accordance with Peruvian childcare agency directives, families are welcome to visit their children. For a few hours in the afternoon, they eat together, play together, or just share details about daily life. And three times each year, NPH Peru hosts large celebrations called Family Visit Days.

On these days, families spend an entire day with their children at NPH, not just the usual Sunday afternoon.

Family Visit Days

Families generally arrive at 8 in the morning. They are greeted with food and activities to share with their children, and everyone prepares for a day of fun. Fathers play football with their children, while mothers settle in for a chat. Relatives of children in our care have the chance to meet NPH staff, helping bonds form between our family and theirs.

Maintaining good relationships with family members is incredibly important to our children’s upbringing. It is a key element of our child rearing philosophy, our mission, and our daily work. In each situation, NPH strives to do whatever we can to ensure that children have the healthiest development possible.

In some cases, for children who come to NPH under tragic circumstances like abuse or neglect, relatives are not granted permission to visit. For families who maintain positive, healthy relationships, our team of psychologists and social workers work hard to help ensure each visit will be positive and healthy for the child’s individual development. The governing Peruvian child welfare agency must also grant legal permission for visits.

For children who do not have visiting family, we plan an exciting day of activities and fun! Our caregivers and year-long volunteers organize sports and board games for everyone to participate in. Throughout the year, these kids also have the chance to go on a special dinner-and-movie excursion.

At NPH, we know that family is the foundation of healthy childhood development. This is why we not only provide the love, support, and care of a family unit within our homes, but we also strive to promote positive, healthy relationships between children and relatives whenever possible and in the child’s best interest. Through the family visit program, we help ensure that our children feel a part of the families that encourage and support them.

Stefan Winkelmann   
Communication Officer Assistant




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