Making Our Children's Smiles Last Long

A new dental check-up program helps protect our children from losing their teeth.
April 11, 2018 - Peru

Dental check-ups protect our children from oral diseases.

The fear of going to the dentist is well known by everyone. Many children are afraid of visiting a dental office for fear of tools, needles, and instruments, or the pain that they may cause when getting teeth cleaned. But, like many things, the best way to avoid dental-related issues is by preventing them from happening all together. At NPH Peru, we are aware of this, and that’s why we try to make our children have a pleasant experience when they need their dental checkup.

Thanks to a generous donation, our 104 children have been benefited from a prevention and healing oral-health program, which will last approximately a month and a half.

During this program, dentists will perform dental prophylaxis, fluoridations and other procedures to help all children be cavity free. "Periodic dental check-ups are important to ensure that teeth and gums can stay healthy with proper care. Cavity problems can have profound repercussions on health. These can occur not in the mouth, but in digestive and respiratory areas as well, because the oral cavity forms part of the digestive system, and are closely related to the respiratory system", says our nurse Giovana, who is in charge of supervising this activity.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, children come to visit the dentist’s temporary office that has been installed in our clinic to carry out this program. Some of the children come with a little fear, but most leave the dental office smiling after their visit. "The dentist wore some big glasses to see my teeth and cured them all. At first the sound of his instruments made me feel a little scared, but it didn’t hurt at all," says Maximiliano,* a boy from Casa San Antonio.

"Brushing properly three times a day, flossing, eating well, and being aware of specific issues to each individual child" are some of the recommendations of dentist Jorge Apesteguia, so that our children can take care of and keep their teeth healthy.

Teaching good oral hygiene habits to our children is one of the most important health lessons we want to give them. This will not only prevent oral diseases, but also allow them to enjoy good health and good quality of life.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer




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