NPH Peru Celebrates Godparents' Day

Our NPH Peru Family had a day of games and treats in honor of the godparents around the world who support us.
June 2, 2018 - Peru

Thank you Godparents!

NPH Peru celebrated Godparents' Day on Saturday, May 5th. During this yearly event, we honor our children’s godparents, as they are an essential part of our Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Family. Thanks to their unconditional support, we can ensure the growth and development of our children.

Everybody was looking forward to the day. A few weeks prior to this event, our children, the caregivers, staff members and the international volunteers organized the activities that would take place during the day.

Following breakfast, everyone was full of energy and ready for the family picture. Everyone gave their best smile for the camera, holding beautiful and colorful banners with messages of thanks to godparents in many different languages. And so began our celebration!

Following the group photo, some of the younger children got their faces painted! Showing off the new designs, they explained who they had transformed into: "I am Ironman and I am Batman, and we have many powers!" said the twin brothers Kervens* and Merlin.* The youngsters all returned to their house, where a surprise awaited them - a Mickey Mouse piñata! And, as per NPH Peru custom, the children circled Mickey, dancing to the beat of the music in the background while taking turns trying to hit candy out of the piñata.

All the while, the older kids had organized games in the home’s yard. Children were divided into eight groups of different ages, and each team had their own color. Teamwork and integration were needed to win the morning’s games, but it never came at the expense of having a good time. "I want my team to win the competition, but the most important thing is to have fun all together as a family," said one of the caregivers.

Shortly after noon, it was time for lunch! After a prayer thanking God for all of our daily blessings, we all enjoyed a delicious baked chicken with potatoes and ocopa (a Peruvian sauce). We had lunch outdoors, and then the winners of the day’s games were announced. While the Yellow and Black teams received their prizes, everyone shared a range of delicious sweets, from cotton candy to sweets to sugary apples. A day of games and treats left the kids more than happy.

But the day wasn’t over yet. After lunch, our children had a quick break and then continued on to more fun games. In the afternoon, some participated in sports tournaments, playing soccer, volleyball or basketball; while others spent the afternoon in the playground and taking pictures. "I have a godmother in Austria, and I hope I can meet her. She always sends me letters and I tell her everything I like to do," said Marco,* while happily enjoying the day.

Laughter and shouts could be heard throughout the home, as children ran to and from enjoying all of the activities. Some local godparents also visited us, sharing the afternoon with the children that they help support. Those who visited got to participate in all of the games and activities with our family.

The children really enjoyed this day. Our NPH Peru family deeply appreciates the support and love our children receive through their godparents’ letters, and through their commitment to help them along these years. Through our children’s godparents, we can build a future for our family, and our children know that there is family all around the world who care for them. To all of the godparents who may be reading this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unconditional love and support.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer




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