Holy Week at NPH Peru

A week of activities to remember Christ's great sacrifice for all humanity.
April 10, 2018 - Peru

Jesus and Roman soldiers - children of NPH Peru acted out each of the Stations of the Cross.

Holy Week is one of the most important festivities for Christians, since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ offer hope for all believers. Our NPH family lives out our Catholic faith and values, so naturally, all children and staff celebrated this special week with a variety of activities.

On Holy Thursday, children made the traditional ‘carpets’ – fine artistic expressions of faith, drawn and colored with sawdust on the floor. The artistic sawdust carpets often include religious motifs, such as an angel or the NPH logo, together with a cross.

"We divided into groups of boys and girls, and each team drew a different picture. It took us several hours to make the carpets: We started early in the morning, then we had lunch and continued working in the afternoon. I was satisfied with the result, especially because we did it together," says Ana, one of our girls studying in university.

The Passion of Christ was the focus of Good Friday. There was no better way to tell this story than with a reenactment, in which our children represented the different roles of the passion, such as those of Pontius Pilate, the Roman guards, the women who were near the cross, or Jesus Christ himself. Their costumes, made by the children, complemented the acting nicely! "We all prepared a week in advance to learn our roles, and we also made our costumes with sheets and other materials. Everything went very nice!“ says Marta,* who played Simon, the man who helped Jesus carry the cross.

Later that night, the entire NPH Peru family proceeded through the home together to end Good Friday. An altar was prepared next to each little house we have, marking the different Stations of the Cross. Many, with candles in their hands, went from one station to another, praying and reflecting on the message of our Lord's sacrifice and love for us. The sea of lights not only created a festive atmosphere, but also made us see that we can always find hope within the darkness.

Easter eggs are also part of this celebration in our home. This year, our volunteers handed out Easter eggs to all of the children. "All the volunteers gathered and prepared more than 100 colored chocolate eggs. Kids love them!" says Eva-María, our volunteer coordinator. This unique tradition also carries a message of hope: "If you were able to find the sweet, you will also be able to find Christ, so that He will always be with you."

The activities of Holy Week not only reminded us of the story of Christ, but also the great sacrifice that he made for us. Through these stories, the teachings of Jesus are passed to our children, help form a spirit of hope, aid them when they face difficult moments, and remind them that there will always be someone who will accompany them in their journey.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer




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