All United by Hope and Faith - Pope Francis Visits Peru

Thank you, Pope Francis, for your visit.
March 5, 2018 - Peru

Our NPH Peru youths attended this important event in Lima.

Many Peruvians have recently been awaiting the arrival of Pope Francis with great expectation. After almost 30 years, Peru received the visit of a Supreme Pontiff. Francisco toured three cities of our country in a marathon, all while carrying messages full of hope and faith.

After visiting Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo, Pope Francis celebrated a holy mass to end his pastoral visit to South America. It was at Las Palmas Air Base, located in the capital city of Lima, where more than one million people arrived from the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru, along with foreign brothers and sisters from Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, and more. Everyone, full of faith, gathered in that place to greet him, receive his blessing and renew their faith.

It was on January 21st when NPH Peru attended this important event. From very early in the morning, ten of our youths, along with members of the San Vicente Mártir parish and other neighbors of our community, waited for long hours at the Air Base, while enjoying the air show, the Pope's inspiring quotes, songs and praise to the Lord.

Despite the intense heat, we waited minute after minute for his arrival. And finally, when the clock marked four in the afternoon, everyone began to sing "¡Cómo no te voy a querer, si eres el Papa Francisco, Vicario de Cristo que nos viene a ver! (How can't I love you, if you are Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ who comes to see us!)" - thus how we welcomed the successor of Saint Peter, with songs, shouts of joy, and the Vatican flags in the air.

"I felt a huge joy, here in my heart, something I cannot describe," Rosita* said excitedly as she saw Pope Francis pass by. "I saw him very close and I felt something very different," Elvis* also said, full of joy.

During the mass, everybody was very attentive listening to the Word of God. Prayers of faith were raised to heaven, and Francis' words renewed our strength of belief. At the end of the celebration, Pope Francis gave his blessing to all the Peruvian people and said goodbye with this message: "Peru is a land of hope, because of its rich traditions and customs that have marked the soul of this people."

Thank you, Pope Francis, for your visit. This has been a great gift of hope for each one of us, and for our country.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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