Summer Vacation at NPH Peru

Entertaining activities kept our children busy during the school break.
March 26, 2018 - Peru

Making colorful T-shirts.

This year, school holidays were short due to the teachers' national strike occurred last year, resulting in added days of school in order to recuperate missed classes. Despite this, our children had a variety of options to experience arts, sports, and other recreational activities that kept them busy and entertained during their school break.

• Visit of ‘FOTOCAN’: Every year, a group of Canadians from "Friends of the Orphans" arrives at our home in January, and our children always look forward to their visit. Once here, they were welcomed by all, and everyone shared great moments together playing games and doing improvement work on various areas of our home. They also taught our children how to make colorful t-shirts. And finally, one night before their departure, during the "Pizza Night," everyone participated in a talent show, making their visit an unforgettable time.

• Visit of Paddington Bear: This loving, classic character of a popular children's story from the United Kingdom arrived at our home, thanks to Industrias San Miguel-ISM, and shared a nice morning watching the second part of his film, one of the larger blockbusters of recent years. This adorable little bear was welcomed with great affection from our children as all shared delicious treats and fun games.

• Friendship Cup: Every February, we take advantage of summer vacation to promote in our children a friendly spirit of competition through sports with soccer and basketball tournaments. Four teams were formed for each sport. For soccer these were: Atlético Madrid, PSG, Real Madrid and Barcelona; and the basketball games saw: Los Leones, Las Fieras, Las Cobras and Las Panteras. It was a very close race; and the winning teams were ‘Las Cobras’ and ‘Real Madrid.’

• Dance and music workshops: Our children learned a lot about the Afro-Peruvian rhythm, through classes teaching ‘Festejo’ dances (a traditional dance in Peru) and how to play the Peruvian cajón. These workshops helped children develop their coordination, memory, rhythm, expression and creativity. And without a doubt, they enjoyed it!

• Excursions and outings: This summer has been very hot. However, thanks to the support of the volunteers, our children were able to enjoy refreshing days in the pool and excursions to the beach of Cerro Azul. Sun, sand, pool, games, ice cream, and lots of fun were always to be had.

Our children are an inexhaustible source of energy and creativity, which is why summer holidays are a good opportunity for them to develop their skills and abilities, and discover their talents. Learning through fun is a good combination to end the school break, and they can return to their classes ready to learn more and get good grades.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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