Renowned Physician and Writer Emilio La Rosa Visits NPH

Dr. Emilio La Rosa traveled from his home in France to speak to NPH Peru about happiness and resilience.
January 11, 2019 - Peru

Dr. Emilio La Rosa is welcomed by the NPH community in Peru.

Recently NPH Peru was visited by a world-renowned health professional who addressed sometimes difficult topics of unique interest to the NPH family. On Thursday, November 22, 2018, Dr. Emilio La Rosa delivered a talk on happiness and resilience. In addressing these topics, we sought to delve into our own personal wounds—events and experiences that have marked us—and learn how we can handle them in ways that don’t negatively impact our lives.

Nearly 50 youth, staff, and volunteers attended the meeting. After his presentation, Co-National Directors María Chirinos and Tula Cruces accompanied Dr. La Rosa to each facility on the NPH Peru campus to chat with teams in a smaller and more intimate environment. During these talks, our curious children were able to ask more about the subjects Dr. La Rosa touched on in his presentation and about his personal experiences, as well.

Dr. La Rosa is a renowned Peruvian doctor who lives in France. There he has served as a member of various medical institutions, including vice president of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO. NPH appreciates the support and commitment of Dr. La Rosa and his desire to spend time with members of the NPH Peru family.

His most recent book is titled From Happiness to Health. In it, Dr. La Rosa explains the implications of emotions and memories within the context of our own human development. He highlights how happiness and suffering play a fundamental role in those developmental processes.

Founded in Mexico 64 years ago, NPH is a nonprofit organization that looks after the welfare of children and young people in various Latin American countries. We are thankful for Dr. La Rosa’s enlightening visit and for each supporter who gives their time and energy to make our home stronger and healthier, one day at a time.

Diego Falcón   
Communications Officer




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