Small steps on the way to better oral health: UPC Dental Days

For one week, 30 students from UPC School of Dentistry attended to all our children.
September 20, 2019 - Peru

The entire team of students and doctors from the UPC School of Dentistry

In NPH Peru we are very happy to open our doors to the students of the UPC School of Dentistry. These events are known as “Dental Days.” On a recent visit in August, 30 students spent six days with us attending to all our children.

These events are carried out in two phases. The first phase is diagnosis, where students examine the children to identify the issues they present and what they need. Once the problems are identified, the students discuss the variety of cases and the work that will be done. The second phase is treatment, where students and doctors perform preventive sealants, invasive sealants, simple restorations, fluoride varnish applications, removal of plaque and, in some cases where heavy tartar buildup is found, teeth are extracted.

As Dr. Carolina Barragán tells us, the whole process promotes a culture of prevention in NPH Peru so that the health of children remains a top priority.

As for the students, the experience of working with NPH has helped them recognize other problems present in Peru. They see their skills contributing to the betterment of the community as they put their knowledge into practice. “This experience has been very nice because I know that we have helped. Living with the children and getting to know them has made me feel part of the home”, said María Claudia Munive, one of the students who participated in the event.

Dr. Barragán also points out how proud they are to be part of such a beautiful project executed by the students of the UPC School of Dentistry. “It has been rewarding work for the improved oral health of children living in Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Peru,” she told us.

For our Health Coordinator Giovana Fuentes, achieving the second phase of Dental Days means a huge improvement in follow-up treatments to support the oral health care for our children. Given the individual attention the children receive, as well as the talks and advice provided, Giovana says, "We look forward to continuing this work with UPC to ensure that our children receive appropriate and high-quality oral treatments."

Our children are very grateful to receive the attention of skilled doctors and students, future dentists for all of Peru.

Scarleth Mendieta   
Communication Officer




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