Our Voices: Renée from NPH Peru

Renée* arrived at NPH Peru just over a year ago. In the series of letters, "Our Voices", she tells us about her days at Casa Santa Rosa, how she feels during the pandemic and her dreams for the future.
November 5, 2020 - Peru

Renée* writing a letter to tell us about her days in the pandemic.

Hi everyone,

I’m Renée*! I’m a happy and blessed girl because I found a new family in NPH Peru.

I arrived to Casa Santa Rosa in July 2019. At first, I felt scared and nervous because I didn’t know how they were going to receive me in the home. Everything was new for me.

I met two caregivers, Ivonne and Lorena, they were really kind. I also met many girls, they spoke to me, but I didn’t answer because I was a little shy. Then, little by little, I lost my shyness and now I always play with them. They’re very friendly.

Our caregivers care a lot about us. They say they want the best future for us. In the days that I arrived, I turned 12-years-old. I was in 6th grade of elementary school, but I couldn’t attend to classes because I was still enrolling. However, my caregiver Maribel taught me math in our home.

I finished primary school and my friends and I went on vacation. We went to the beach, and we also had a great time in the swimming pool. Then, we celebrated Christmas, we decorated our house with a lot of ornaments and we had a delicious meal on Christmas Eve.

We were waiting for the day to go back to school, but then the pandemic started to impact us in those days, so we couldn’t start our classes. My life has changed a lot, we don’t go to school anymore and we have to take many precautions not to get infected.

I feel a little sad since; many people in Peru have been infected by the virus, and also because I’ve heard in the news that much people around the world are dying. I’m worried about my family. I hope they are taking care of themselves and not getting infected. I pray for them every day.

In this quarantine, I spend my time doing sports in our yard and field, and play tabletop games with my friends. I also have to help with the housework. I spend almost an hour cleaning our house and green areas and, of course, I have to do my homework.

I hope this pandemic ends soon and serves to make people aware of their actions. This can be an opportunity to reflect on our behaviors and not make the same mistakes again. I believe this situation should encourage us change our lives in a positive: not a negative way.

I want to finish school and then choose a career to be a professional and help my family. One of my biggest wishes is to have an animal shelter, especially for dogs and cats. I would like to give them a better life. Another of my biggest dreams is to study bakery. I hope I can make both dreams come true.



*Name of the girl has been changed to protect her privacy.

Interested in supporting young people like Renée* during the pandemic? Visit your local NPH office to see how you can help.

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