Photo Essay: Moments To Reflect Upon from Holy Week at NPH Peru

Even though the Casa Santa Rosa home is in lock-down due to COVID-19, Holy Week proved to be a productive week for our children, staff, and volunteers.
April 14, 2020 - Peru

San Vicente Martir donated food like eggs, tuna, vegetables, spaghetti, rice, plus soap to NPH Peru.

Holy Week was an active week at NPH Peru. Children, staff, and volunteers worked together to boost morale at Casa Santa Rosa with a range of activities that helped the NPH Peru family to reflect and understand the true meaning of Easter.

The home received a generous donation from the church of San Vicente Martir in San Vicente de Cañete. The gift comprised food and essentials such as eggs, tuna, vegetables, spaghetti, rice, and soap, among other items.

Children made paper hearts, did origami crafts, and sang, among many of the activities led by catechism teacher Yuliza Peralta, with support from National Director Rafael Arce and volunteer, Phaedra Zeider Toral.

In one special activity, the children made origami inspired by a charming story.

There was a man who had a lot of money and many material belongings, but found no meaning to life.

He thought, "I'm going to buy a yacht to sail upon the seas."

He did so, but he was still sad.

He said, "I shall return to my house to eat, drink, sleep, and not do anything," but he still felt the same.

He then said, "Ah, nothing’s changed! I will buy a plane and travel the world," but still he felt something was missing.

"I'm going to buy a rocket ship to travel to outer space and land on the moon!"

Finally, he thought, "I've done so many things, yet I still feel the same. I need to do something more to go to heaven."

"But how do I do it?" he asked.

"I will seek Christ because he is the way, the truth, and the life." And when he found Jesus, he was the happiest man in the world.

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Phaedra Alicia Zeider Toral   
Volunteer Coordinator, NPH Peru




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